Finally, I've been able to do so posting. I got the frame as finished as I could get it. I still have to put the additional shocks on, and take a few leafs out of the springs.

I pull the frame out of the garage and washed it down. I then taped off and sprayed the frame with a high gloss enamel paint. Not in the pictures.

Did some fancy exhaust work so I could put in my extra fuel tank.

Got me some new headers 1 3/4" dia. Heddman's.

Still got to fix the bumpers, sand blast, prime and paint. I have a new roller flaring that I need to install.

First look and the new interior. No going back now. I used 1/2 inch square tubing all around. You can see a 1 inch inside the glove box, this is to attach a shelf that will slide out when the glove box is open.

I've gone through a lot of card board making and remaking the interior. I have enough room to place the Vintage Air Gen II super cooler all electric behind the panels. I'm also putting a space saver low profile AC/Heat unit for the rear. Some of the panels are welded in and some will bolt in allowing me to have access to vents, hoses and mounting brackets.

I'm installing several DVD displays. One will be located here on the passenger side. It will be behind a door that opens and retracts back into the console.

Hey!! Did you notice the doors. I got them 90 percent done. There hung, there heavy and they FIT !!

I spent a tremendous amount of time getting them glassed up and lined up.

Somebody needs to do something about that insulation hanging down. You can see my make shift hoist. I had some 6 inch C channel and a piece of 5 inch square tubing. Welded them together, drilled a few holes, attached a come-a-long and pulley and the hoist works. I can lift the front with this, and the back with a engine hoist.

Here's my new 51 gallon fuel tank that will ride between and on top of the frame rails. This thing is made of 16 gauge steel and weights about 80 lbs.

Got the instrument console mocked up where I want the gauges. I have some 1/2 inch aluminum plate that I'll be using to make this. I got to learn how to weld it first.

I've decided on using AC vents from a 06 Ford F150. I really like the way they look and the function is good to. I just got to figure out how to mount them and rout the hoses.

I got a lot of grinding to do.

Got the shifters mounted. The automatic shifter cover will be flush with the floor. I'm building a center console that will have drink holders on both sides (and hold big cups). The console will also go up about 4 inches and allow for a center console storage box.

I'm making a storage area here as well. The sides will be covered and welded in and the front center will have either a hinge on it or I'll make it lift out and straight up.


You can see I made welded in mounting points for lifting the body. I'll use these later to hold the inner fender skirts.

If all goes well this weekend and I don't have to go anywhere I should get the dash finished and the rear console finished. That means that I can start doing body work and painting.

Stay tune.

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