Made more progress these last few weeks. I have the body work about 95% done, not counting the doors. Pictures are a little blurry. It's cold here for Texas. I still have a lot to do on the doors. My new power windows finally arrived so I can proceed ahead with the doors. They fit perfect and I hope that I get a good seal.

Here you can see the where I cut out the holes for the rear tank filler and side marker. Almost read for final block sanding.

I got my seats in. Man these seats are cool. They have memory foam in them. Got all 4 for less than $300 delivered off of ebay. Now where am I going to get brown or tan 4 point harnesses?

I made the instrument panel out of aluminum diamond plate. I was going to use a 1/2 inch plate of aluminum but changed my mind. I got the idea after watching Xtreme4x4. My only concern is the sun reflecting into my eyes. I have the panel recessed into the dash several inches so I hope it want. I used Auto Meter gauges. The two on the right are fuel and the two missing will be temp for the water and trans.

Got the AC vents done in the dash panels. This took some doing as I don't have a brake. A friend has one and I used his. Still had a lot of welding to do. I'm going to cover the dash panels with hand tooled leather. All the side panels will be covered in either leather or hand tooled leather. I don't what to put to much hand tooled leather (as it will take a lot of time) and make it look funny.

As usual I changed my mind on the AC vents. The Ford ones turned out to be to big. I got these from Vintage Air, About $10 each. I have a total of 8. 4 per side.

Got my gas tanks finished and need to raise the body and install them. Once done it's time to paint. Inside is ready for primer and paint. I hope to get the body painted by the end of the year.

Already got the paint, GMC Midnight Blue. It's a metallic pearl.

Stay tune.

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