Started taking the tailgate apart. Reason was I was told that most of the paint that the military uses is lead paint. I also wanted to fix the dents. I started by drilling out the rivets with a 1/8" drill bit. Then I took a 1/4" drill bit and cut the rest of the top out. I then used a punch to knock the rivet out.

I have never seen so much paint. I used several quarts of stripper. At one point I was able to read the serial number that the military had assigned.

Here you can just make out part of the numbers. The cold weather may have played a part in the stripper not working as good.

Here I had to use a rubber mallet to get the protector off. It was dented pretty good and took a lot of hitting to get it off.

Stripper got down to here. I used chisels and screwdrivers to get the rest of it.

Nothing like some grinding to bring out the shine.

Just another shot.

Bonded up the bad stuff and time to sand again. With a little luck I'll get to paint soon.

Stay tune.

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