Well thought that I would give you a teaser. I picked up a demo radio at Best Buy for about $150. It has a USB port that is in the back. This will allow me to play all my songs that I've downloaded.

Here is what I'm doing with the interior. I've been doing leather craft since the early 70's. I picked up the leather at Tandy Leather Craft Inc. In the long run it will be cheaper and be my design and done by me. The holes are where thread will go by hand, I had to hand punch each one.

Up close of the leather. The tooling takes about 4 hours per foot to do. My wife is tired of the beating (no pun intended).

Here I've placed the leather that is going to cover the dash. The carpet that I chose is in the middle.

The two holes are where the air conditioning goes. I still have to punch the holes for sewing.

Up close of the tooling.

Raw leather that I just finished tooling.

I should have pictures of the carpet installed and the AC being installed soon.

Stay tune.

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