Have been working on the doors. This is my first attempt at bonding doors. I'm using Evercoat Panel Adhesive to bond the doors. This is what was recommended to me by a local body shop. Cost was about $50 for two quarts and hardener. 

As you can see I have had to modify the window channel to fit the window better. If I had left the window channel the way it was I would have had window channel into the door. I also welded a screw on the side of the channel to hold a lever, this will be used to open the door. 

I welded a piece of angle iron on to the channel to support the power windows. The window channels were not square to begin with, they are now.

First bonding attempt didn't turn out good. After 18 hours of waiting, I noticed a gap at a corner. So I proceeded to take the doors apart. The doors came apart way to easy. I noticed that the adhesive had not gotten to everything as it should have. I'm wondering if Epoxy should have been used. But then I wouldn't have been able to get the doors apart!! I have the power window mechanics in place. These came with the doors from California. I have decided not to use them. I will purchase real power windows for street rods.

In the above pictures you can see that the adhesive had made contact but not enough. I would welcome any help on this problem.

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