Well I have taken some more pictures of my progress. It may not seem to be much, but man it was a lot of work when you have to do it by your self. Once I got the H1 back into the shop I was able to lift the body up. I first had to lift the back up using a engine hoist. I would then block it up move the hoist to the front and using a 4x6 piece of wood between the center hump I would lift it up and place on blocks. I would then move back to the rear and start over. Once I got the body up high enough I was able to take the tires off and place the rear drums and front disc on floor dollies. I then used my track to pull the frame out from under the body.

I place the frame in my garage to strip it. The following pictures show the frame about half way done. I still have to do the inside of the frame rails. 

I have to use the engine hoist to lift the frame, it's just to heavy for one person.

I will be sand blasting areas that I can't get the grinder into.

Here is the GM 14 bolt and Dana 60. After taking the Dana suspension apart I found that just about everything needs to be replace, except the axles. The GM 14 bolt is getting disc brakes. I'll be putting 4:56 or 4:88 gears in soon. One of the privileges that I have is a machine shop at our office that I can use. One of the machinist is a hot rodder and were going to attempt to make a Lockright for both the axles. It also helps in making brackets, just program a CNC machine and watch it go.

Here is the massive sway bar. 

GM 14 bolt.

Here you can see that I had to take a grinder to the bolts that held the springs in. I could not turn them no matter what cheater pipe I used.

Front spring eye.

Dana 60 Front end. My plan is to get the frame ground and painted this week, (if I don't have to go anywhere. I have ordered my bushings and will install them this week. I will try to do the rear disc brake conversion next week end. The gears and u-joints will happen once the suspension is back under the frame. I'll install the motor, trans and transfer case then.

This is the power steering gear box. I may replace the whole unit.

As you can see I have modified the brake pedal. Once I moved the steering and brakes over I really wanted the brake pedal in a place where I could find it. It looks like I need to bend it just a little to straighten it out.

 Here you can the rear fenders have been riveted on. The body is just about ready. 

As you can also see the doors are back AND THERE NOT FINISHED. The Fiberglass shop kept promising to get them done. I go out of town for several weeks and get back and still nothing. After almost 3 months I had enough. I went and got them back. It seems money was not what this business wanted, go figure.

You can see that I've made some jigs for the doors (there just behind the doors). Once I finish the frame that will be the next step.

Stay tune.

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