Well I have finally gotten around to doing some work and posting some pictures. In the last posting I had gotten the frame out from under the body. I stored the body in my shop and left the frame in the garage. 

NOTE: If you leave the frame in the garage, the wife will push you to get it finished and out so she can have her spot back.

As I noted on H1forum.com, I have finished the frame and am now doing the small stuff. I sand blasted the frame with a pressurized sand blaster that I purchased at Harbor Freight. It worked very well to what I was doing. I then followed the directions on the POR 15 and used the metal wash and primer before applying the POR 15. NOTE: Purchase POR 15 in quarts. There is no way that you can use a whole gallon in one application. I spent 2 days working with the gallon and wasted about half of it. Got three really thick coats on the frame.

One problem that I ran into was the Sun. When the garage doors were open (all the time), the sun would shine on the front half of the frame. With in a month the coating was fading. 

I have installed disk brakes and saved (it seems) a hundred pounds. I rebuilt the 14 bolt installing new 4.56 gears and locker, new axles, seals and bearings. On the brake lines I went a different way than most conversions. I purchased the front brake hoses for the rear disc and installed them as I would the fronts. The red hose is the brake lines. I still have to tie them down. 

The old springs were still in good shape so I used them. Everything was taken apart, sand blasted and painted with POR 15. I still haven't installed the rear shocks yet, I'm having to fab up brackets so I can mount them outside. All new bushings and bolts were used. I installed the brake proportioning valve just behind the left front tire.

I was suppose to have had this project finished by end of summer. Well job promotion has keep me from spending time on it. So I had to purchase my little hummer to get me to work. It's a 2003, 6 cyl, with auto trans. Gets about 18 mpg. It will be my daughters when she turns 16, in 6 years.

The front Dana 60 was rebuilt with new 4:56 gears, seals and bearings. I should have gone ahead and installed the 35 spline upgrade but was not thinking at the time. I'll do it when the project is finished. I will have to do this soon as I need the locking hubs. Installed new dual steering stabilizer. Got the 8000 lb winch installed, it is a tight, tight fit. I need to raise the front of the winch to make a little more clearance for the bumper.

All new bushing up here as well. All new tie rod ends, and linkages. Replaced all the bearings in the wheels and installed new king pins. I still have to install the bump stops. I also got the radiator installed. This is a massive 4 row unit out of a 90 suburban. I'm debating on installing fans in front or behind. I really love this bumper.

I went to swap meet this weekend and ran across a TPI system for $100. Needs cleaning and new gaskets. Came off a running corvette. Couldn't pass it up. You can also see that I mounted the winch controls under the radiator and behind the winch. I plan to have the battery under the radiator also. I'll run a plug in to the bumper. 

I will also be converting the belt system to a serpentine belt. You may note the heads. These have been ported and polished. This is a 383 small block Chevy. I had a Victor Jr. intake and 780 Holley on it and made about 430 hp. I hope to get mpg and more torque with this set up.

Here she sits, almost ready for the body. I need to polish the wheels, put the steering box back on. get the 35 spline upgrade and locks, install the rear shocks, run the gas lines and install the transfer case. Here is the story on that. Transfer Case

Stay tune.

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